Why DTC Goes Beyond the Dot Com with Carter Jensen of General Mills

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Gushers in the metaverse and Dunkaroo NFTs? When it comes to DTC experiences, General Mills is not playing it safe. On this episode, Carter Jensen, the Senior Manager of Global eCommerce at General Mills, discusses how his small but mighty team is creating DTC experiences that go beyond simple transactions on a website. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The future of DTC for brands within General Mills (5:45)
  • What General Mills is investing in now (21:05)
  • How to create a good Tik Tok experience for customers (24:35)
  • The General Mills brands exploring NFTs and the metaverse (28:28)


About the Guest:

Carter Jensen is the Senior Manager of Global eCommerce at General Mills. Prior to General Mills, Carter worked at Latitude and served as a DTC and Omnichannel Consultant. Carter also spent some time as the co-host of the podcast Omni Talk.

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Episode 228