Cracking The Code To Growth and Scale

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Is a good idea or useful product enough to launch a company? Not according to David Rabie, the Founder and CEO of Tovala. He learned that lesson the hard way. From its humble beginnings to a top-ranked home-cooked meal delivery service, Tovala now ships more than 100,000 meals every month and is finding success on multiple platforms. What has David learned along the way? Find out on this episode!

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Tovala? (6:55)
  • How did Tovala crack the code for growth? (13:00)
  • What is it like to be featured on Oprah’s favorite things list? (21:00)
  • Where to find new customers (22:55)


About the Guest:

David is the co-founder and CEO of Tovala. He’s a self-professed food nut with an MBA from Chicago Booth. Before starting Tovala, he worked for the co-founder and CEO of Veggie Grill and ran Groovy Spoon – a bi-coastal chain of frozen yogurt stores. He also spent time working at Google and Foundation Capital. His favorite ingredient is avocado.”

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Episode 226