What are the benefits of having a passion project for a career?  Rob Bossen, CEO of Grey Duck, shares that his passion for stand-up paddleboarding allows him to innovate within the niche spaces of outdoor water activities to bring solutions to consumers. Tune in to hear more about Rob’s transition from finance to outdoor water activities and what his experiences have taught him throughout his journey.  

Tune in to learn:

  • About Grey Duck’s stand-up paddle board innovation (08:40)
  • How Grey Duck sells direct to consumers (13:25)
  • About the growing trend for inflatable products (16:00)
  • Why the used product market is on the rise (28:00)


About the Guest:

Bio: Experienced professional with demonstrated business development success in the outdoor industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Sales, Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, and Training.”


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Episode 265