How should companies think about AI? When should it be used? Should it be regulated? Dr. Athina Kanioura, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of PepsiCo, shares her expert insights and explains how AI increases efficiency at PepsiCo. She also dives into their cross-functional “digital hubs” and the bias problem with hiring algorithms.

Tune in to learn:

  • Athina’s most contrarian thought about AI (2:08)
  • How AI makes PepsiCo more efficient (15:15)
  • Addressing the bias issues and creating ethical AI (19:45)
  • The purpose of PepsiCo’s digital hubs (29:50)
  • Measuring KPIs (32:30)
  • How to upskill talent (34:30)


About the Guest:


“As the Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for PepsiCo, I oversee PepsiCo’s end-to-end digitization to become a Faster, Stronger and Better company. As an accomplished innovator, I bring extensive experience in transformation business with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and analytics. I love working in technology because I’m always learning and looking for new ways to bring digital solutions to real world problems. I believe that the human experience should be at the core of every digital practice. 

I’m extremely fortunate to have a career that has taken me across the globe, but my favorite destination will always be my hometown of Athens, Greece. Those picturesque sunsets bring me a lot of joy, but nothing makes me smile more than being with my family. 

Proud #boymom #womanintech, leading the charge for the next generation of female innovators.

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Episode 266