The “E-commerce Everywhere” Vision With Derek Correia, President of ReserveBar

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How does e-commerce completely alter the way alcohol businesses reach consumers? Derek Correia, President of ReserveBar, knows that B2C can widen the horizon for beverage sales across the country and provide curated, personalized experiences for customers. Tune in to hear how ReserveBar is changing the market through partnerships and a vision to optimize how people explore, learn about, and purchase premium wines, champagnes, and spirits. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The behind-the-scenes of building a B2B and B2C company (5:55)
  • Why one-to-one relationships with the customer are valuable (13:00)
  • How the ecommerce everywhere vision originated at ReserveBar (29:40)
  • How to avoid cannibalizing your sales (23:20)


About the Guest:

LinkedIn Bi0: “30+ years spanning Fortune 500, private equity and start-up companies. Strong brand marketing and product innovation roots via Pepsico, Diageo and Yum Brands. Agency roles including strategic planning, account management, and business development. CMO/CEO level experience. Lifelong entrepreneur (started my first business at age 16). Strong leader and operator with a passion for people, innovation, driving growth and having a blast along the way!”

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Episode 264