Innovating Frozen Pizza With Jasper Fallucca, Director of Business Development at Palermo’s Pizza

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How can a company stand out in an overpopulated market? Jasper Falluca, Director of Business Development at Palermo’s Pizza, shares innovation through eCommerce to create a new platform for DTC frozen pizzas. Tune in to learn more about Palermo’s Pizza and its accomplishments in the pizza business by building meaningful connections with customers and using data to create successful products.

Tune in to learn:

  • The story behind founding the family business (02:05)
  • More on the driving force behind growth (07:00)
  • How to build lasting relationships with customers (16:10)
  • The tech stack behind the expansion to DTC (23:30)


About the Guest:

LinkedIn bio: “I am tasked with managing our various investments, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships across our family of brands.

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Episode 261