Disrupting the Market in the Middle Ground With Gabe Coyne, CEO of Stix Golf

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How do startups aim to disrupt the current market? Gabe Coyne, CEO of Stix Golf, explains that businesses need to create affordable options in the middle ground between bargain and luxury. Tune in to learn more about Gabe’s process for finding the right channels to showcase quality products for affordable prices.   

Tune in to learn:

  • Behind the scenes of designing the Stix clubs (8:45) 
  • How Stix built awareness during a second launch effort (15:40)
  • Thoughts on retail for DTC companies in today’s market (17:20)

About the Guest:

“Gabe Coyne is CEO and co-founder of Stix Golf, a Chicago-based company offering modern, high-performance golf clubs at a fair price. Gabe co-founded Stix based on his personal frustration that golf is fundamentally a simple game that has become far too complex. Coyne and the team built Stix focused on design and quality, never being convinced by the hype that this year’s technology will be a game changer. Before founding Stix, Coyne co-founded a mobile tech startup and was a Partner at Venture studio, which validates innovative products and companies; there he learned how to build brands, products and product-market fit. Coyne is bullish on the future of golf trending casual, more diverse and less elitist with Stix becoming a go-to brand for the next generation of golfers.”

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Episode 260