How To Engage With Customers On Youtube, Amazon, In-Store, and Beyond

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“The question is how do we build a real connection with people?”


Brands want to be everywhere all at once, but very few do that well. Chemical Guys has cracked the code on what it truly means to be an omnichannel brand, but the company has also uncovered some of the secrets of Amazon, franchise models, and growing a content platform across multiple channels. John Mansfield, the Chief Revenue Officer at Chemical Guys, takes us through all of that on this episode.

Key Insights


What does it mean to be truly omnichannel?

The true goal of omnichannel is to give customers the best experience possible wherever they interact with you. To do that, you need to understand how your business works top to bottom and in every channel, and make sure that you have the correct approach in each one so that you can create the appropriate experience.  

“The true goal of omnichannel is to provide your customer a unified experience wherever they interact with your brand. In our case, that happens to manifest by the way that we take our brand to the marketplace and not only from a distribution standpoint but in aligning our approach.”

How do you develop a content plan that you know will resonate with customers?

The answer is simpler than you might expect: you just listen. For Chemical Guys, there is a community across its Youtube and social channels that is constantly commenting and asking for specific content. All it takes is filtering through those comments and developing the content that will answer the questions they are asking. 

“We have a million followers, all making comments every day and tagging us. That is all the focus group we need.”

About the Guest:

John Mansfield has spent the past 20 years working with a number of innovative consumer brands. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Chemical Guys, a leading automotive lifestyle brand specializing in car care products where he is responsible for the overall revenue and market share growth strategies for the company.

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Episode 218