Creating True Omnichannel and DTC Experiences For Brands Like Oreo and Sour Patch Kids

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“I ask my team to spend about 10% of time on test and learns, because we don’t know what the next thing is.”


Omnichannel operations are becoming more important than ever, especially for large companies like Mondelēz International, which owns some big name brands that sell across channels. Wherever and however you’re buying Oreos or Sour Patch Kids or any of the dozens of other Mondelēz International brands, Francesca Hahn wants to make sure that the experience is the best it can be. How does she do it and where does social commerce enter the mix? Find out on this episode.

Key Insights


What has had the biggest ROI for ecommerce?

According to Hahn, the focusing on fundamental elements of ecommerce will almost always have the most ROI. That said, she encourages her team to spend 10% of their time testing and learning to figure out where the next big opportunities will come from.

“I ask my team to spend about 10% of time on test and learns, because we don’t know what the next thing is.”

Finding opportunities with social commerce and designing experiences that convert. 

Hahn says that there are three timeframes that you have to think of when designing an experience: the pre, the during, and the after. At every stage there are opportunities to reach a customer, collaborate, and find ways to grab the attention of your audience.

How do you create the best experience for all kinds of customers?

There are many ways to go about this, but Hahn highlights one strategy that works well: “We do empathy sessions where we bring somebody on or a couple people and we give them a few things to talk about a few and… our people at the company can ask them questions… We want to learn from the shoppers that are the ones that are actually in the store. And what do they notice? What are their issues? And we had a guy who was 18. We had a shopper who was in his fifties and we had a woman who was a teacher who did it part-time and night. Getting the variety of the experiences translated to how do we enable easier shopping for them.”


About the Guest:

Francesca Hahn is the Vice President, Digital Commerce, General Manager, & Direct to Consumer at Mondelēz International. Prior to joining Mondelēz International, Hahn held retail and ecommerce roles at Britax Child Safety, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Colgate-Palmolive, and more.

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