How Loverboy Hacked the Alcoholic Beverage Market

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How did an alcoholic beverage company manage to reach nationwide distribution without a single dollar spent on marketing? Nick Califano, the COO of the hard tea and canned cocktail maker Loverboy, joins us to discuss the unique journey that propelled the company from reality TV scene-stealer to retail shelves across the country.

Tune in to learn:

  • The backstory of Summer House and Loverboy (09:15)
  • How Loverboy stays ahead of trends in the industry (25:00)
  • Nick’s thoughts on the potential of branded content (37:55)


About the Guest:

Bio: Performance-driven entrepreneur and operator with over 15 years of business development and managerial experience in dynamic fast-paced markets. Expertise in brand positioning, revenue growth, financial management & driving operational excellence. Comprehensive achievements and keen business instincts across Finance, Wholesale, Retail and Manufacturing disciplines.”

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Episode 271