Exploring Live Stream Commerce with Vassil Mladjov

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With so many new commerce options available, what avenues can companies explore to reach more consumers? Vassil Mladjov, Board Member at Tallio, shares his thoughts on the growth of live stream shopping and how it is becoming a more prevalent way to purchase products online. Also, tune in to hear how collecting user data can help provide an optimal consumer experience, breaking boundaries within e-commerce opportunities.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why live stream shopping isn’t as popular in the U.S. (06:00)
  • How Tik Tok can help with targeting the right customers (11:35)
  • Keeping live shopping relevant even after the live event (18:44)
  • How companies can implement personalization through user data (26:20)
  • About thinking outside of the box to reimagine the traditional revenue stream (28:45)


  • Bambuser – Live Video Shopping 
  • TikTok – short-form video service 
  • Metaverse – hypothetical iteration of the internet 

About the Guest:

LinkedIn BIO: “Vassil is leading strategy and growth at one of the hottest AI engagement startups on the market; MoEngage. Former Gartner analyst and digital strategist, team leader, and startup mentor focusing on growth, VC & corporate funding, digital transformation, GTM, M&A, innovation, cloud, SaaS, social, open-source, Mobile, monetization, video, commerce, streaming, digital marketing, and multi-channel marketing. Vassil is a startup investor, mentor, and advisor to early-stage and growth startups. The latest investment is in the smart shopping ads startup tallio.io for CTV and OTT.”

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Episode 272