Democratizing Health and Wellness with Restore

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Unconventional health treatments like cryotherapy and infrared sauna baths are not exactly known for their affordability. One rapidly growing company, however, is transforming the wellness landscape by democratizing access to such cutting-edge health services. With over 175 locations across the country, Restore Hyper Wellness is quickly bringing its holistic healthcare approach to the mainstream. Tune in to hear Restore CEO and Founder Jim Donnelly and CMO David Fossas discuss the joys and challenges of operating within a franchise model, and why they are committed to making health and wellness treatments safe, fun, and affordable.

Tune in to learn:

  • An overview of Restore and its services (3:40)
  • Why Restore uses a franchise model (16:20)
  • The marketing approach at Restore (23:55)
  • How Restore avoids the pitfalls of the biohacking frontier (38:00)
  • The future of using space for wellness and production (46:30)




About the Guests:


Jim Donnelly:

“Making wellness affordable and accessible to everyone has become my life mission and is the driving mindset behind everything we are doing at Restore Hyper Wellness (Restore). 

Too often, we think about our wellness retroactively, after something has gone wrong that we need to fix. What we are doing at Restore is providing a resource for people to start on a proactive journey towards wellness so that they can feel better for longer in life and be able to Do More of what they love.”

David Fossas:

“Growth stage leader with a record of driving revenue and maturity of companies from startup to exit. Currently leading marketing for Restore Hyper Wellness.

Prior to Restore, David led global brand for WP Engine, a growth-stage platform for building websites and digital experiences, from 2016 – 2020. He helped define its corporate, product and brand strategy, repositioning the business, launching the brand, and helping it grow from 55,000 customers to 100,000+ customers globally in three years. WP Engine closed a $250 million investment from Silver Lake Partners in 2018.”

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Episode 270