Faherty’s Evolution From Idea to Consumer Favorite

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The Faherty brand started as an idea in an essay, but twin brothers Alex and Mike Faherty turned it into a reality with strategic experience, experimental ideas, and through the power of storytelling. Alex joins the podcast today to take us through the entire journey. Enjoy!

Tune in to learn:

  • The growth of the Faherty brand (7:10)
  • How Faherty found and built partnerships with retailers (9:20)
  • How Faherty utilizes storytelling (15:00)

About the Guest:

Prior to starting at Faherty, Alex spent over a decade in finance and private equity. Formerly a football player at Yale, Alex takes a coaching mentality in how he runs the business, knowing that so much of a brand’s success is who makes up the team. He lives with his wife, Kerry Docherty, and their two children in Brooklyn.

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Episode 232