The Magic of A Powerful Story With Wunderkeks Co-founders, Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo

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Hans Schrei and Luis Gramajo were told that the world didn’t need another cookie company, but they persevered and have found success with their brand, Wunderkeks. On this episode, they share how they went from Hans’ mother’s kitchen in Guatemala to exploding onto the scene in Austin, Texas, and becoming media and celebrity darlings.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Wunderkeks brand achieved clarity in the US (7:18)
  • How Wunderkeks became an ecommerce business (10:10)
  • The Wunderkeks approach to acquiring new customers (13:36)
  • How Hans and Luis learned the power of storytelling (17:30)


About the Guest:

Hans has been baking since he was four years old, and has a background in marketing and design. Over many years doing this at Wunderkeks he’s become a master recipe developer and tester, though nowadays his full attention is on developing the Wunderkeks experience online, be it paid social, email and SMS or our website. Over the last years he has become an expert on digital marketing.”

Luis makes friends very easily and has a background in marketing, trade marketing and PR which comes in very handy since he’s our sales and customer relationship manager. Luis has wide experience managing sales at retailers such as Walmart and PriceSmart (Latin America’s subsidiary of Costco) both for major CPG companies and for Wunderkeks. He is also the “kitchen” side of the operation and is responsible for our product development. Luis is also a photographer, if you were wondering why our web page and Instagram feed is so pretty.”

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Episode 231