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Ellis McCue has a long resume that has taken her through the world of ecommerce, supply chain, and venture capital. Now, she is the CEO of Territory Foods, where she is trying to make the world better one meal at a time. Hear all about it on this episode.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to understand consumer behavior from the front lines (16:00)
  • How a “mortality moment” shifted Ellis’s perspective (29:00)
  • How Territory foods found the right focus (38:00)
  • How to keep track of a distributed network (44:00)

About the Guest:

“Ellis McCue is the CEO of Territory Foods, a venture-backed, fresh food platform that brings artisanally crafted healthy food from local chefs and restaurants directly to customers. Territory is a fresh take on the food preparation and distribution industry, providing chef-prepared meals with nutritionist-approved menus to support dietary preferences, powered by a proprietary personalization algorithm. Territory utilizes 90k points of data each week to identify key trends in wellness, culinary, and protein vectors and leverages its unique model to drive an industry-leading 4 week innovation cycle from data to plate. Territory marries Ellis’ belief that consumer led design yields disruptive growth to traditional industries with her personal belief that delicious food should be healthy.  

Recently, Ellis has been featured as a top 25 Consumer Health Tech Executive for her foundational work in the Food as Medicine space, and top 15 CEOs of start-ups and small / midsize businesses, with Territory being featured as one of the top places for women to work in the US. Before joining Territory Foods, Ellis led successful, forward-looking business strategies for major global companies such as Deloitte, Gap Inc., and ZX Ventures (AbInBev). Ellis received a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and East Asian studies from The Johns Hopkins University.”

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Episode 233