Sustainability Within Skincare With Lena Korres

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What should companies be most concerned with in this era of commerce? Lena Korres, Co-Founder and CIO at KORRES, explains the importance of keeping production sustainable so consumers can feel good about the products they’re using. Tune in to learn more about how natural ingredients not only benefit the consumer, but also the companies that produce skincare. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What KORRES values about herbal remedies (3:40)
  • The benefits of Greek Yogurt (12:55)
  • Why Santori grapes are amazing (18:50)
  • How to gain awareness for your products (25:05)

About the Guest:

LinkedIn Bio: Lena Philippou-Korres, is the co-founder, Brand President, and Chief Innovation Officer at KORRES.

Lena, a Chemical Engineer and MBA post-graduate, pioneered the KORRES’ Full Circle™ process: a 6-step system that is powered by 6 labs. The KORRES Full Circle™ process begins in the Soil Lab with ethical, zero-waste sourcing and ends at the in-house Recycle Lab giving back to the earth, to communities, and to customers.

During her 25 years leading innovation at KORRES, Lena and her team have discovered and introduced some of nature’s most powerful ingredients and formulations. Under her guidance KORRES discovered, studied, and introduced seven powerful ingredients to the world’s ‘bible’ of cosmetic ingredients aka INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), while developing formulation and production protocols based on pharmaceutical standards for innovative products of superior safety and efficacy.

Lena was shortlisted by the CEW’s (Cosmetic Executive Women) United Kingdom Board for the Achiever Awards 2007, featured in Wallpaper*’s 40 influencers under the age of 40 and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research of Greece.”

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