Resetting To Find a New Career Passion With Brian Seewald, SVP of eCommerce at Express

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What if you learned what you thought was your career passion was not your heart’s desire? Brian Seewald, the SVP of eCommerce at Express, reset and found a true affinity for retail generally and, ultimately, ecommerce. Tune in to hear from Brian about how Express offers its customers “personalization, [an] omnichannel experience, styling and fit, and community.”

Tune in to learn:

  • Evaluating the Express retail and ecommerce strategies (13:20)
  • Express’ digital plan for customers, including its mobile app (17:00)
  • New platforms for shopping including livestreams, Instagram, and more (29:30)


“Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” by Steve Crug

About the Guest:

Brian Seewald is the SVP of eCommerce at Express. He began at Express in January 2020 and is focused on bringing the Express brand purpose to life digitally, through creating confidence and inspiring self-expression. Prior to Express, Brian was an executive at Designer Brands, DSW, for 8 years serving in a variety of leadership positions, including as SVP of Customer Experience and VP of Digital. Brian is an innovative leader across digital and is passionate about building high-performing teams that can leverage their customer experience to drive loyalty and brand advocacy.

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Episode 234