Hot Takes on Branding and Ad Strategy With Alexa Kilroy, Head of Brand at Triple Whale

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How should ecommerce brands be thinking about advertising strategy? What will work now and into 2023? Alexa Kilroy, Head of Brand at Triple Whale, shares her “hot takes” based on the data and her industry experience. Tune in to hear her thoughts on the ad platforms that you should pay attention to and the return to some old school ad strategies. 

Tune in to learn:

  • Triple Whale’s DTC reality TV show “DTC After Dark” (2:30)
  • Dissecting inaccuracies in platform advertising data (18:30)
  • Recent shifts in “behind the scenes” data (24:20)
  • Interesting and lesser known data metrics (38:48)
  • A “hot take” on the advertising industry (32:30)



About the Guest:

Alexa is Head of Brand at Triple Whale. She started in May 2022, so has been in the role for about four months. Prior to that, she worked at several companies in Creative Strategy, Operations, and Advertising. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and Instruction, English, from Boston College in 2018.

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Episode 259