Finding Your Founding Team with Kraig Swensrud

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We’ve all heard some variant of the phrase “Good business is just about building good relationships.”

But, as true as this statement is, it’s also true that building and maintaining good relationships is hard – it takes time, thought, passion, and connection.

And perhaps one of the most challenging business relationships to nurture and keep healthy is the relationship between co-founders.

“Starting a company, no matter how much experience you’ve had, is always a challenge. And it starts with the founding team… You have to have the same vision. You have to be aligned with what you want to create.”

Kraig Swensrud is the Founder of Qualified.com, and partner to an all-star team of co-founders.

The commitment of time, money, and mental bandwidth that “going all in” requires is all-consuming to say the least. But doing it with a co-founder – or co-founders – who you trust is the secret ingredient to making it all a bit more manageable, and also making it a lot more fun.

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Episode 76