Go Big or Go Home with Tiffanie Stanard

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Every decision we make brings with it a certain amount of risk. Sometimes the risk is so small it’s negligible. Other times the risk is so daunting it scares you into submission.

Going all-in on a new and novel business idea, saying no to the steady paycheck and yes to financial instability, investing your life savings with a co-founder you know well but maybe not well enough… these are common high-risk, high-reward scenarios that entrepreneurs often find themselves in.

To the outsider looking in, these situations are far too risky to be taken seriously – to engage in them is not only irresponsible, but foolish.

Tiffanie Stanard has a different opinion… She believes that risks – big risks – are absolutely necessary for success.

“You have to put yourself out there. … If you’re not happy with what you’re doing – if people don’t know about what you’re doing – then what’s the point of doing it?”

Tiffanie is the founder and CEO of Stimulus, a relationship intelligence software suite that helps companies build better relationships.

But before she was leading Stimulus, Tiffanie had to make the leap from having a stable income to being her own boss – a decision that taught her if you aren’t ready to go big… then get ready to go home.

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Episode 77