An Honest Conversation About Pay with Cynthia Medina Carson

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If you are a fan of this podcast, then you are likely a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or at the forefront of innovation within a growing company. Today, you are the one creating jobs, but think back to when you were the one applying for them. How much did you get paid? Were you paid fairly? Were you paid what you were truly worth?

These are difficult questions, but questions that Cynthia Medina Carson faces head-on every day.

“There was a woman who literally found out her colleague was making 30 K more than her, and she was there longer. [But] she had that information and she sat on it for like two months, just not knowing what to do with it. When we talk about wage transparency and salary transparency, the data is a piece of it, but then what are we doing to transition people to a better space?”

Cynthia is the founder and CEO of WAGER, a company helping create the space for individuals and businesses to have a more open dialogue about pay.

As an employee, the benefits of salary transparency are pretty straight forward – more transparency equals more fair pay.

But as an employer, the conversation around pay is an often-avoided one. Cynthia is here to tell you that it shouldn’t be and that for a competitive, growing business, salary and promotion transparency are the way of the future.

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