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It only takes one idea or one story to change the whole trajectory of your life, career, and work. In each episode of The Journey, we talk to entrepreneurs of all stripes, so you can prime yourself with the knowledge and mindset you need for your own journey.

Most Recent Episodes

Nadine Fonseca: Pivoting to Progress with Nadine Fonseca, Co-founder, Mighty Kind

Nadine Fonseca, Co-Founder at Mighty Kind, an Anti-Bias Series for Kids, always knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life, join the Marines, like her father. Plot twist, the path quickly diverted away from this possibility, and what transpired was a series of big life changes and pivots. Where did she land and how did it all lead to her sharing her passion for diversity and cultural respect and inclusion through Mighty Kind? Find out on this episode.

Patricia Santos: Can The Customers Control The Beauty World? With Patricia Santos, Founder and CEO of Volition Beauty

Patricia Santos did not set out to start a beauty company. But when she saw a problem that needed solving in the intensely competitive (and overwhelmingly male) world of cosmetics, she knew she had landed on a good idea. That good idea – Volition Beauty – is quickly re-shaping the cosmetics landscape by putting the power back in the hands of the consumer in an innovative way.

Julian Reis: The Opportunity Cost of Not Starting Your Business with Julian Reis, CEO and Founder of SuperOrdinary

The risks we do not take in life and in business are just as important as the ones we do. For Julian Reis, CEO and Founder of SuperOrdinary, successfully weighing these opportunity costs is what has allowed him to spot macro trends, understand when to make career leaps, as well as when to make business investments. On The Journey, Julian tells us how he’s leveraged this mindset to build a worldwide team of experts and create a brand that’s expanding globally.

Jeremy Cai: Removing the Middleman of Manufacturing, with Jeremy Cai, CEO at Italic

Jeremy Cai, CEO at Italic, got an early appetite for the entrepreneurial journey. He dipped out of college, thanks to a little help from the prestigious and controversial Thiel Fellowship, and got to work learning the ropes of start-up life in Silicon Valley. But the idea for Italic didn’t start in the Valley, it first came to light thanks to Jeremy’s family’s deep roots in the manufacturing space and he continues to tweak and learn lessons about the business every day.

Andrew Suzuka: From Disruptive Idea to the Shelves of Whole Foods with Andrew Suzuka, Founder of Otamot Foods

Andrew Suzuka is the founder of Otamot Foods, a veggie-infused tomato sauce brand that now graces the shelves of Whole Foods. Andrew’s decades of experience in marketing and his lifelong passion for wholesome and tasty food laid the groundwork for Otamat, but one mindset proved to always hold him back - he believed that sharing his business ideas would be “giving them away”. On The Journey, Andrew talks about the necessity of collaboration in business and why sharing your ideas can give them more life than they ever would have ever had alone.

Adam Callinan: Turning a Hypothesis into an Eight-Figure Business with Adam Callinan, Co-founder and President of BottleKeeper

BottleKeeper is a multi-million dollar company consistently growing dramatically year over year. But it didn’t start that way. Early growth was slow, and it took careful testing and iterating again and again to achieve the success the company has seen. So what tools and mindsets did Adam Callinan, co-founder and President of BottleKeeper, lean into that set the company on the road to success? And what has changed since launching that’s continued to allow BottleKeeper to grow far more than Adam could have imagined? Find on this week’s episode of The Journey.

Michael Chernow: Authenticity Over Everything with Michael Chernow, Founder of Kreatures of Habit

We reveal who we are through our words, our actions and in the way we carry ourselves personally and in business. Those who let their true colors show — good and bad — are the ones who connect most with people around them. Michael Chernow is a multi-time founder who is currently bringing his authentic story to life with his new company, Kreatures of Habit, and he’s hoping it’s the next great chapter in his story.