A Global Perspective on Fleet Management with Raj Bajaj, VP of Webfleet Solutions

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For much of our show, we’ve focused on our market here in the United States, but what about the rest of the world?

Fleet Managers that get assigned to international markets quickly learn just how different other countries operate compared to the United States.

Size of roads, availability of refueling stations, access to repairs and maintenance, laws and regulations, traffic density, and accessways, it’s endless, the myriad of systems in play around the world.

Meet Raj Bajaj, Vice President for Webfleet Solutions International, a Bridgestone Tire company. They are on a mission to make it easier to operate a fleet anywhere in the world. And to do this, it requires highly sophisticated and localized data plus an intimate knowledge of how each country operates.

All of this data is used to gather better insights to make better recommendations on how to more efficiently operate a fleet.

If you’ve ever been curious about how international markets prepare for maintenance, how critical infrastructure around the world plays a massive role in how goods are shipped or wanted to know why a tire company would want to buy a software company, this is your episode.

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Episode 25