The Future of Safety is Collaborative: How Together for Safer Roads is Reimagining Safety for the Public and Private Sectors

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Where does a city turn in order to make their roads safer? Who does a private fleet call to improve driving conditions for its drivers?

Because these questions went largely unanswered, a new organization was created to better address solutions for safer roads.

From companies like ABInbev and UPS to city governments, Together for Safer Roads, or TSR for short, is a global coalition on a mission to create safer roads. David Braunstein is the President of TSR and he joins us today to discuss how the organization has been making impacts for decades.

From redesigning roads and intersections, to providing data and data collection systems to improve civil engineering decisions, TSR is playing a part.

David also discusses how TSR funding helps to enable smaller fleets to gain access to new technologies like Machine Vision or In-Cab cameras to help improve driver safety.

And the impacts from these solutions aren’t just local. They are global. Learn more on today’s episode with David Braunstein.

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