Driver Spotlight: Jan Quarnberg on Driving 6 Million Accident-Free Miles

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What does it take to be nominated as Driver of the Year? 6,000,000 accident-free miles in a career is a good start.

Jan Quarnberg is a driver for Barney Trucking and was recently selected as a Lytx Driver of the Year. He’s been a professional truck driver for over 40 years and has received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Lytx/DriveCam Good Driving Award and the Glen Barney Haul of Fame award. In the 6,000,000 miles that he’s driven, Quarnberg has never been involved in an accident and has never had any driving violations — an incredibly impressive record.

On this show, we talk to all kinds of managers, executives, and industry thought leaders, but rarely do we get to sit down with a driver doing the hard work every day. In today’s conversation, Jan shares with us how he got into trucking, what his day-to-day looks like, and his thoughts on safe driving. Plus, he shares some of the craziest things he’s seen on the road in his career.

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Episode 26