How to navigate a life of litigation (and some more thoughts on our flawed legal system)

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If you’re lucky (and not a judge or a lawyer) you will never see the inside of a courtroom. Over the last eight months, Steph has spent significant time in court, handling no fewer than three different cases. This is a massively inordinate amount of time, especially when considering she’s staving off false allegations. 

But, because of the people they are, Steph and Albert use this conversation to share their thoughts about attorneys, the legal system, and the toll these lawsuits can take on family and work alike. (Have YOU recently been accused of being in a cult? Well, Steph has…)

Like all episodes of Mission Daily, Steph and Albert manage to find humor and silver linings, even in the most exhausting situations, hoping to share and help listeners who might be facing similar hassles of their own. We hope you’ll do the same by reaching out to info@mission.org


Episode 478