How to build a mental model that promotes better decision-making

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It’s true, the world is changing more quickly than most people are ready to accept. And we can’t comfortably rely on beliefs and findings from just a few years ago, much less our childhoods. So, as we continue to grow, how do we – as both business leaders and human beings – make forward-thinking decisions when most beliefs we currently hold will inevitably be disproven?

In this episode of Mission Daily, Stephanie tries to throw Albert off his game by introducing this topic just a few minutes before recording. But Albert was more than up to the task, diving quickly into a discussion of how many time-honored studies and beliefs are now being disproven at a breakneck rate. More importantly, they share personal tips on how they develop different ways  (such as inversion thinking) to adapt and evolve throughout life’s inevitable changes.

And, because it’s Albert, connections are made between ice cream, The Fast and the Furious, and long-term thinking. It’s an episode that will certainly make you think and assess. (And there’s way more than we can summarize here.) But, if you have thoughts on your own mental modeling, be sure to share them to info@mission.org.


Episode 479