The Cost of Conflict: Lessons from Steph and Albert’s Legal Experiences

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Mission Daily is a successful show because of how real it can be for listeners. On this episode, the ever-transparent Stephanie pulls back the curtain again to share the latest from her ongoing courtroom conflict with “a friend.” 

As always, Steph and Albert lay it all out on the Mission Daily table, sharing their thoughts about the parts of the case that are on public record, the effects on continued litigation on her family and business, and the persistent flaws of the U.S. legal system. More importantly for our listeners, Steph also shares why people should stay prepared for these types of legal entanglements, and how she remains “okay” throughout the chaos. 

Albert and Steph share their stories to help others in similar situations. We hope you’ll do the same by reaching out to info@mission.org


Episode 477