How to keep your show out of the podcast graveyard

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The business world is riddled with abandoned podcasts. But, before you stream Sarah McLachlan and honor their memory, know this: Most of those podcasts didn’t fail because they weren’t worthwhile. They failed due to a lack of consistency, commitment, and promotion.

In the second leg of this three-part series on building a better business podcast, Steph and Albert dive a little deeper into what works for (and against) many of today’s corporate podcasts. Whether it’s from a lack of purpose or a glut of contributors, there are a lot of reasons a show can struggle to get out of the gate. Believe us, we’ve seen most of them.

But with experience comes education, which is why Steph and Albert are here to share tips for measuring growth and setting goals to ensure your show gets heard, not buried in the corporate podcast graveyard. 

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Episode 473