Why Smart Investors Need To Be More Bullish On Bitcoin

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To most of the world, cash is king. To smart investors, cash is trash. Thanks to recent events involving certain banks, Steph and Albert have more than a few things to say about how little control we actually have over our own funds. And because of this, both of our hosts are all-in on the long-term viability of Bitcoin.

Maybe only 5% of the world’s population is currently invested in Bitcoin. And maybe the flood of smaller cryptos is blurring the true value of new currencies. But even without an archaic gold standard in place, our hosts are quickly realizing that Bitcoin’s scarcity model is a lot more stable than the current state of traditional finance. 

Surprisingly, our hosts agree on Bitcoin’s long-term value. But crypto remains as divisive a topic as there is today. Reach out at info@mission.org to share your thoughts on new currencies with our team. 



Episode 474