How to make a B2B podcast that matters in 2023

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Albert is on the road, but that hasn’t stopped him or Steph from sharing their thoughts with the Mission Daily audience. This episode marks the first in a three-part series about building an ideal B2B podcast – one that stands out in an ever-growing sea of similar shows vying for listener attention.

Right out of the gate, they dive into the key questions they feel any business should ask before launching a podcast. Most importantly, “Why do you want to start this show?” “What is the business application?” “What will the KPIs be for the show’s success?” and more.

Regardless of where you are in your podcast planning, Steph and Albert have tips, tricks, strategies, and anecdotes to help any business get started. In their own words, they’re “pretty damn good at this.” From establishing goals to truly understanding your audience, they offer sound advice for making sure your podcast isn’t lost in that ever-growing sea but instead stands out as a beacon for your target audiences.

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