Are you prepared for an AI revolution? (Hint: You’d better start now)

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On this episode of Mission Daily, Steph takes a break from the normal routine to welcome a very special guest, author and investor, founder of Blue Sky, veteran of Google, Microsoft, AWS, Slack, Twitch, Twitter, and probably seven other companies you know, Amir Shevat. In short, Amir knows how to build developer platforms that succeed.

Throughout this entertaining 40+-minute discussion, Steph and Amir cover the foundations of what makes a good developer platform, the growing need for a social protocol, and why we need to start preparing for AI’s impact on the future… like, right now.

Is the future of mundane tasks truly going to reside with AI? And, if so, what does this mean for skills development, and the ability to develop proficiencies that will move you up an ever-shrinking corporate ladder? Let us know your thoughts by reaching out to info@mission.org.



Episode 482