The art of managing customer satisfaction (while staying financially solvent)

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Running a service-based business is a difficult task because striking that ever-important balance between customer satisfaction and economic reality is an ongoing challenge. These companies must regularly weigh the costs of accommodating demands, such as redoing work, against the profitability and sustainability of their business.

In this episode, Stephanie and Albert discuss their experience working with Mission’s wide range of clients, and how they effectively address client challenges by building strong relationships, even when conflicts about service quality or deliverables are all-too-common. 

Albert cites several scenarios in which customers may ask for modifications, such as in art, websites, or our own specialty – podcasts. Sometimes, clients’ circumstances change, or unforeseen restrictions arise, resulting in work needing to be redone. But how does a company balance their relationships and real-world financials having already invested a wealth of time and effort into a project?

This topic brought about a ton of discussion topics within our own team. And we’d love to hear about the balance you strike in your own businesses. Send your thoughts to info@mission.org.


Episode 481