Why we need to invest in the companies driving AI innovation

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At this point in 2023, ChatGPT isn’t just a hot trend – it’s already permeated all facets of our lives. And, just like it was with the internet 30 years ago, we are already losing sight of just how much technology it takes to make AI happen for the masses.

This week, Steph and Albert discuss the hidden aspects of AI intelligence. From the $30 million per day it costs in cloud computing, to the sheer amount of hardware power it takes to keep your AI assistant “alive,” to the hard realization that AI is still far from perfect BUT still may make some jobs irrelevant, it’s hardly an easy topic. But our hosts are up to the task.

Plus, they also take a deeper dive into the companies driving AI innovation (and which competitors may be worth researching as an investment sooner rather than later).

AI and ChatGPT are divisive, to be sure. Share your thoughts at info@mission.org.



Episode 483