With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility at Teradata

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As the data revolution rapidly transforms marketing, does the industry run the risk of losing its altruistic ideals? Jacqueline Woods, CMO of the multi-cloud data platform Teradata, urges marketing leaders to take responsibility for their enormous influence on society. Hear Jacqueline discuss Teradata’s strong commitment to diversity, her reverence for authenticity, and why she believes the popular analogy comparing data to “new oil” is somewhat misleading. 

Tune in to learn:

  • What sets Teradata apart from its competitors (03:55)
  • Teradata’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (10:28)
  • Teradata’s partnership with the New York Giants (28:05)
  • The importance of authenticity and embracing one’s heritage (30:57)


About the Guest:

BIO: Energetic, proven leader, noted for growing global businesses using innovative brand strategies to develop customer-centered programs focused on revenue optimization. Track record of building partnerships (direct, indirect, and online) and unifying business functions (sales, marketing, operations) into cohesive teams to accelerate growth. Consistently delivers results for B2C and B2B portfolios across the following industry sectors: Public, Communications, Financial Services, Distribution and E-Commerce, Technology and Services.

My body of work includes senior roles in commercial and consumer based Fortune 500 enterprises. Skilled collaborator with LOB leaders and C-Suite teams, enabling organizations to achieve their strategic goals through the implementation of transformational customer engagement models that I design to improve loyalty, grow share and increase revenue.”

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Episode 386