In a market focused on revenue and notoriety, how can modern businesses find the right footing to make an impact? Rachel Konrad, Chief Brand Officer at The Production Board, claims that by focusing on the mission that matters, companies can make a positive impact on the world around them. Tune in to hear how Rachel aims to help prepare the next generation of business leaders by pushing to fix the current climate change issue. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How Rachel approaches companies to build their brand (6:53)
  • What lessons were learned while Rachel worked at Tesla in the company’s infancy (15:35)
  • Why Rachel never had an ‘aha’ moment about sustainability (22:46)
  • About advice for upcoming business leaders (33:45)


About the Guest:

LinkedIn Bio: * Reputation management, brand position, go-to-market, comms, content creation and overall narrative strategy for world’s most disruptive businesses — and to their visionary, radical, brilliant leaders. Really.

* Post-national guerrilla warrior with demonstrated track record for creating the friends, enemies and evangelists who fuel global, mainstream, mass-market movements on the right side of history.

* Unapologetic exploiter of capitalism to solve humanity’s biggest problems: global warming, biodiversity collapse and our public health crisis.”

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Episode 385