The NFT Frontier With Tyrone Miller, Head of Media, Sfermion

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It can be difficult enough for a marketer to raise awareness about a brand, but what about a whole new territory? Tyrone Miller is the former Head of Media at the investment firm Sfermion, which focuses on NFTs — a promising world still being explored. On this episode, Tyrone talks about the potential of the novel NFT market and how his gaming industry experience strengthened the storytelling skills he uses to connect with clients.

Tune in to learn:

  • Welcome to Marketing Trends (00:00)
  • About Sfermion and Tyron’s role (02:21)
  • Tyrone’s perspective on how tech has evolved (05:48)
  • What Tyrone thinks marketing leaders should know about NFTs (10:49)
  • Lessons Tyrone learned working for game companies (14:07)
  • What is Tyrone’s approach to storytelling in the NFT investment world? (18:50)
  • In what companies does Sfermion invest? (21:53)
  • Tyrone’s thoughts on big brands entering the NFT space (25:01)
  • How can marketers make a human connection in an increasingly digital world? (27:10)
  • Lightning Round, brought to you by Salesforce (29:54)


About the Guest:

BIO: Develop and execute strategic marketing and publicity campaigns to increase brand awareness and drive storytelling. 

I welcome new connections with like-minded professionals.”

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