Let’s Talk About CMO Burnout With Kelly Hopping, Chief Marketing Officer, HYCU

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What is the best path forward for a CMO suffering from burnout? On this episode, accomplished marketing leader Kelly Hopping reveals why she chose to take a six-month sabbatical before accepting her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at the backup-as-a-service company HYCU. Tune in to hear what she accomplished during her time away from work and why she believes other CMOs could benefit from taking a well-timed break.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Kelly’s marketing journey (4:00)
  • About CMO burnout and Kelly’s thoughts on the benefits of taking a sabbatical (26:30)
  • About Kelly’s time at Harvard (42:25)


About the Guest:

I am passionate about building world class teams, empowering up-and-coming future leaders to thrive, growing quality brands, and leading businesses through change and acceleration. As an experienced business executive and marketing leader, I have had the opportunity to develop multiple marketing and business strategies across both IT and consumer packaged goods.

I pride myself on strategic thinking, results-driven determination, operational efficiency, and effective cross-functional management. I believe that in the absence of product knowledge or expertise, brands are a surrogate for quality and that our job as marketers is to make products accessible to customers.

Personally, I am inspired by strong women in business and entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. I am also an advocate for managing a well-rounded life, not just a job, as I think that is the rising tide that lifts all boats at home and in the workplace. I believe the rat race of go-go-go is not sustainable and often interferes with the best ideas. I am a die-hard achiever who is learning that taking a minute to think can exponentially increase the efficiency of achievement!”

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