The Democratization of Commercial Real Estate With Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer of Cadre

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“I am betting on the democratization of commercial real estate.”


Should commercial real estate investment be more attainable? Dustin Cohn, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cadre, makes a case for “the democratization of commercial real estate.” Tune in to hear Dustin getting the word out about the potential opportunity. 

Key Insights

What Is It Like To Join a Blossoming Company After Working at a Larger One? 

Going from a large company to a smaller one can mean sacrificing many resources. But in exchange, you are likely to find a hearty opportunity for growth and experimentation. Cohn explains that CMOs entering these sorts of blossoming companies need to take a simultaneous, two-pronged approach: 

“You have to parallel path in this environment — building the foundation that you know is necessary to get the organization to the next level while also looking for those quick wins and quick hits.” 

What is “The Democratization of Commercial Real Estate?” 

Cohn describes the steps Cadre is taking to further “the democratization of commercial real estate.” Cadre is lowering the “minimums” it takes to invest, reducing fees, and creating an opportunity for investors to have increased opportunities for “liquidity.”

How Should Marketers Consider Raising Awareness and Building Brands? 

Most marketers’ first thought when raising awareness is to find and highlight the differentiator. Cohn believes that in a category like commercial real estate, which is underrepresented, you instead need to first educate the consumer on the category as a whole. The implication from his take is that category penetration needs to come first, then education, then differentiation.  

“I believe that the awareness building… of Cadre will come from educating consumers on the category and, believe me, there’s enough growth for us and our competitors.”


About the Guest:

Dustin Cohn is the Chief Marketing Officer for Cadre, overseeing the firm’s brand strategy, performance marketing, content, and communications efforts. Over decades of industry experience, Dustin has built brands, educated consumers, and led data-driven strategy for several premier global companies. Prior to Cadre, Dustin served as Head of Brand and Marketing for Marcus, Wealth Management, and Asset Management at Goldman Sachs. He led the development of the Marcus brand, personally naming it, launched the firm’s first-ever consumer advertising campaign, signed the firm’s first-ever athlete endorsement, and was key to the growth of Goldman’s first-ever consumer business. Prior to Goldman Sachs, he served as CMO for Jockey International where he led fully integrated consumer marketing campaigns. Before that, he served as CMO for Optimer Brands, a Sterling Partners private equity portfolio company. Dustin also spent several years at PepsiCo as Marketing Director for Gatorade and Propel where he was responsible for advertising, national promotions, retail and consumer marketing, entertainment marketing, and product innovation. Dustin holds a B.B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and L.D.P Certification from Harvard Business School.”

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