The Video Revolution With Jennifer Griffin Smith, CMO, Brightcove

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“Everything is fast. It’s becoming more immersive… I think there [are] a whole load of developments [that are] going to happen in video, which is truly exciting to me as a marketeer too.”


In this age of fast-moving, immersive and interactive media, how can marketing professionals maximize their impact on consumers? Jennifer Griffin Smith, the CMO at Brightcove, suggests the answer lies in the power of video. Tune in to hear what strategies Jennifer is championing at the video platform and solutions company and how marketers across the industry can step up their game!

Key Insights

Why Is Storytelling So Important in Marketing? 

“If you think about your best show or your movie that you’ve watched and you come away and you are emotionally connected with it. You’re connected to those characters. There’s a villain. There’s a hero. That’s what we all have to create too, because that’s how we can break through. And we can let our audiences really understand about what we deliver versus somebody else.”

Jennifer draws a distinction between the early days of tech marketing, which were more product-focused, and the story-driven marketing of today.

What Can CMOs Learn From Media Companies?

“When I look at our media companies and what they’re doing with content, it’s so precious to them because it’s revenue. Every person that goes onto their site and consumes a piece of content is a dollar value of revenue, or tens of dollars… Everyone they lose is a revenue decline. And everyone they can upsell and retain is a revenue increase. We don’t think about customers like that in the B2B world.”

Working closely with numerous media clients at Brightcove, Jennifer has absorbed valuable insights that she applies to her marketing mentality: “Every time I can attract somebody, keep them, convert them, and grow them, and act more like a media company, then I’m satisfying my ROI more, but I’m also satisfying the audience…” 

What Is a Common Mistake That Companies Make Regarding Video?

“They think that they don’t have video. I actually had a conversation with somebody today that said, ‘How can you help me create more video?’ And so my question was, “You’re creating brand videos, correct?’ ‘Yes.’… ‘Have you held any webinars or virtual events recently?’ ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘How many?’ We talked about the number of hours. ‘Then you’ve got hours of video… You’ve actually got more video in your company than you know, but you just need to be able to manage it, reutilize it, and repurpose it, and then get everybody using it.’”

With the pervasiveness of video across the entire business landscape, Jennifer sees an opportunity for companies to connect with their clients in more personal and meaningful ways than ever before.

About the Guest:

Jennifer leads the marketing organization at Brightcove, encompassing product marketing, demand generation, and marketing communications, and is responsible for operational execution on a global level. Smith is an international marketing executive who brings more than 20 years of experience in global technology companies to Brightcove. She is recognized for her leadership skills in go-to-market strategy and has a proven track record of making improvements across product, sales, and marketing for public and private companies. Most recently, she served as CMO at Alfresco Software (recently acquired by Hyland), where she led the transformation of the company’s positioning from technology vendor to platform solution provider, managing all aspects of marketing.

Prior to joining Alfresco, Smith was CMO of Software AG, an enterprise software company with more than 10,000 customers in over 70 countries. Prior to that, she served as the CMO of Globoforce, and as Senior Vice President and CMO of Avid Technology and Progress Software. She also held senior marketing roles at Information Builders, PeopleSoft and Microsoft.”

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