The Data OKCupid is Using to Help Users Find Love

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Marketing Trends Background

Finding love is happening more and more online and through dating apps, and the field is only getting more crowded. Michael Kaye, the Director of Brand and Communications at OKCupid, explains how data, automation, and creating personalized experiences are helping separate OKCupid from the competition.

Tune in to learn:

  • Michael’s role with OKCupid (1:30) 
  • How the dating space evolve and how OKCupid markets itself as the app for everyone (4:00)
  • The different customer personas that OKCupid talks to (8:00) 
  • Understanding the wealth of data OKCupid has accumulated (11:00) 
  • How ChatGPT and OKCupid have come together (15:00) 
  • Measuring performance (18:00)
  • What’s important in the influencer marketing world right now? (22:00)
  • Exciting things to look forward to (30:00)

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Episode 395