How Eventbrite is Pioneering the Evolving World of Events

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There is nothing like coming together for a concert, a speech, or a community festival. The camaraderie and joy that these events bring to those who attend is an essential part of our lives and Eventbrite is helping to make accessing these events easier than ever. On this episode, Tamara Mendelsohn, the CMO of Eventbrite, explains how the company has grown and how the team unifies behind a mission and data in order to bring events to people everywhere.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is Eventbrite? (1:15)
  • Some of the shifts we’re seeing in the events industry (3:44)
  • Being an executive for now and of the future (11:00)
  • Creating some structure around silliness (26:20)
  • Finding balance (34:25)
  • What data to prioritize (37:10)
  • Why the entire team needs to be on the same page (40:00)

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Episode 396