Smart TV and Smarter TV Marketing With Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing, Roku, Inc.

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In the relationship between people and technology, which side is really transforming the other? It is a question that Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing at the streaming provider Roku, Inc., has been exploring throughout his career. Tune in to hear Jordan’s thoughts on how marketers are adapting to new technologies in the TV space and why some traditional TV advertising practices have remained relevant during the streaming revolution.

Tune in to learn:

  • Jordan’s thoughts on the modern day marketing leader (06:10) 
  • How TV marketing has adapted to the streaming world (10:40)
  • Jordan’s take on the state of marketing and advertising (25:20) 
  • What is the future of TV (41:45)


About the Guest:

BIO:I use data-driven insights to create more compelling marketing strategies and new business opportunities”

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Episode 341