Starting Small and Thinking Big With Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

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How does one go from being a young marketing coordinator at a company to spearheading its international marketing campaigns as CMO? Susan Vitale, the Chief Marketing Officer at the talent acquisitions company iCIMS, joins us to discuss her unique 17-year marketing journey there. She shares how her early days at iCIMS helped prepare her for the CMO role and offers valuable advice on overcoming self-doubt when stepping into a new position.

Tune in to learn:

  • About Susan’s journey from marketing coordinator to CMO at iCIMS (5:00) 
  • About what it’s like to have a global marketing directive at iCIMS (18:30) 
  • About the importance of experimentation in marketing (23:10)


About the Guest: 

As chief marketing officer, Susan Vitale is responsible for the iCIMS brand and for driving company growth. Vitale joined iCIMS in 2005, rising up through the ranks to the C-suite and helping build iCIMS into the world’s leading talent cloud company that empowers organizations to attract, engage, hire and advance the right talent.”

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Episode 342