How Red Bull and GoPro Became Legendary Brands with Paul Crandell Board of Directors, KindHumans

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“Do the things that a bank wouldn’t sponsor”


Key Insights

Everybody wants to work hard. (14:54) 

If a team member seems unmotivated, they likely aren’t feeling empowered. If you work with them on a clear vision, and give them freedom to do what they believe in and they’ll be willing to work through the night if needed.

Failure Allows Us to Grow (23:25)

In order to learn how to get up, you have to fall down. Success is amazing, but failure is where the lessons are learned to get to repeatable succeed as opposed to one off wins. 

Follow Your Passion (6:43)

When you follow your passion, you’re going to work harder. You’ll be better at it. You’ll be happier. That’s not just in career, but even in companies you are working with. 

About the Guest:

Accomplished Global Brand Marketer, leader and executive

Ad Weeks Grand Brand Genius Award 2014

Marketers That Matter Tech Award Small Cap 2013

Early Day Marketing Pioneer of Red Bull and GoPro

Recently a former CMO for Butterfly Network, who is on a mission to democratize health care by getting 3/4 of the worlds population access to healthcare via our beautiful, highly functional, portable and affordable ultra sound technology. I am on a mission to help save life around the world and do good for others. Prior to this I was CMO of GoPro, where I drove the scaling of the marketing team and our message globally by setting up teams in regions of North America, EMEA, APAC and LATAM. As well, having millions of content producers in the form of consumers, made it very much a marketers dream job. Prior to this, I was head of Events and Sports Marketing at Red Bull from 1998-2007 and created and built the foundational structure of what you see today as the worlds leading energy drink. There were two of us at Red Bull in sports marketing in the beginning and we went on to build an amazing team. It took a village to do it and I certainly can only take credit for being a one of the leaders of determined awesome people who helped create great event and athletic experiences from nothing. One of which is Red Bull Rampage. I’ve dabbled in several start ups between journeys as I have a passion for helping early stage companies grow up a bit and I love to share all my learnings with companies who need it.

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