How a Former Ogilvy Exec is Helping Build A $500 Million Brand Around Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Stuart Smith, CMO at Caulipower

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“Embrace failure and move on.”


Key Insights

Be Mindful of Personal Situations (14:67) 

In this new world we’ve found ourselves in, it’s important to remember we are all going through something unique and different. Sitting in a cubicle solely focusing on work isn’t always an option these days. A lot of people have to balance their personal lives and work at the same time now, so show some empathy and compassion.

“Once the giddy heady days of distribution growth start to sort of slow down, what matters is whether the consumer continues to love [your brand].”

Make a Quick Flip From Customer Acquisition to Customer Loyalty

When you are building a brand, you want to gain recognition in the space quickly. When this happens, you want to make a quick shift from reaching new customers to making sure you retain customers. It’ll be better to spend more money on a loyal customer, than get an inexpensive one time customer. 

“The data ecosystem is still not complete.”

Getting Data is Never Easy

As much as you hear about personalization at scale, and first party data and marketing technology, it turns out the industry is still really trying to figure it out. The data ecosystem is still not complete and there’s plenty to learn.

About the Guest:

Stuart Smith studied both art and science, eventually earning his doctorate in chemistry from Oxford University. In the 90s he worked for the world’s largest advertising agency, WPP, as a lobbyist, drawing on his expertise as an expert on new environmental legislation. He then went on to work in marketing at 3M UK and from there to serve as the first Head of Communications for the UK Government’s spending watchdog organization. He then served as CEO of Edelman UK, the world’s largest independent marketing communications agency. In 2007 he rejoined WPP and by 2010 the CEO of Ogilvy’s EMEA-based PR & Social Influence Division. In 2014 he assumed the global role for Ogilvy and moved to New York. He was the President of 10th Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity PR Jury. 

Stuart is known as a builder of brands and businesses. He believes that execution is strategy. His natural element involves turning around or starting up businesses, but he’s equally skilled at leading a global organization in need of transformation. A hands-on self-confessed ENTJ, his leadership philosophy is captured by the phrase “Servant Leader.” Passionate about the art, science and technology of growth and marketing, he is constantly pushing performance marketing, martech and data to deliver growth, and he believes that all creative ideas should be “Earned First.” 

Stuart will never lose his English accent and is one of the few people who can say that his wife is the best boss he’s ever had. Since 2019 he has resided in Los Angeles where serves as the Chief Marketing and Growth officer for CAULIPOWER, the 5-year old award winning company disrupting the freezer aisle. The company reached over $100M in sales within only a few years, and its veggie-forward, better-for-you pizzas, pasta and tenders are sold in over 26,000 stores across the US, ranging from Walmart to Wegmans and Whole Foods.

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