How to Play the Business to Business ABM Game and Win with David Malmborg VP, Nivati

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“As long as we have that feedback loop coming around, we will always find ourselves having a good relationship.”


Key Insights

Sell What You Love. (12:41) 

In order for your audience to convert into customers, they have to really believe in your product. If you aren’t passionate about what you are selling, your customers won’t be excited either. Each team member needs to believe in what they are there to promot

 “It’s always been important that you really believe in what you’re selling.”

Every Part of the Journey Should Be an Experience (23:25) 

Each touch point is important to the customer. They value their time, so even something as simple as reading an email should be an enjoyable experience.

Make sure that the product experience is amazing, but they actually want that same amazing unboxing and product experience to happen in customer service.”

ABM Strategies Are the Way To Go for B2B

B2B is very convoluted and takes some time to go through even an active buyer. Depending on what it is that you’re servicing, it could take six months before the conversation starts to when it’s closing. What you need to do is really understand who the ideal customer is.

This is why ABM strategies are taking off, because they really define ‘this is the most perfect fit for our company.’ It’s a hyper focused version of a fit conversation.

About the Guest:

A digital marketer who likes to look past the silos and marketing channels. I currently oversee performance marketing operations at Struck, an award-winning agency focused on building true experience affinity. I have a strong background in B2B marketing operations. I love the challenge around tracking leads, mapping sales funnels and buyer’s journeys across multiple technology stacks. I have worked with technology leaders such as Dell, Fusion-io, and FairCom, along with startups like SEO.com, Sharpr, and Number Six.

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