How L.L. Bean Continues To Evolve After 111 Years

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After 111 years of history, building a remarkably consistent outdoors brand, L.L. Bean might not seem like a company centered on evolution. But after pulling back the curtain with CMO Nick Wilkoff we see that the company’s focus on transparency, inclusion, customer, and community positions L.L. Bean as a timeless example of how to keep a brand relevant and forward-thinking. 

Tune in to learn:

  • The consistency and evolution of the L.L. Bean brand and how it measures up to competitors (16:20)
  • Making the outdoor experience more inclusive and connecting people with the outdoors (24:30)
  • The alignment / transparent culture of L.L. Bean executive leadership (30:00)
  •  L.L. Bean’s initiatives for community, diversity, equity, and inclusion (35:00)


About the Guest:

BIO: “Nick Wilkoff is the Chief Marketing Officer at L.L.Bean. He previously worked as the Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. Nick attended Middlebury College.”

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Episode 392