How Deep Learning Connects Marketers to Customers

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Machine learning evolves from patterns. Deep learning evolves from people. In this episode, Jana Jakovljevic of Cognitiv shares her thoughts on how her company’s technology learns from context and generalization to bring intelligence to advertising, through AI that affects human lives. Listen in to hear Jana’s journey, from her early experiences with AI systems, to helping take a company from idea to IPO.

Tune in to learn:

  • Jana’s perspective on ChatGPT (3:45)
  • The gaps that Cognitiv is solving for (8:15)
  • The type of marketing team required for optimizing AI and Deep Learning (22:50)
  • How does the tech affect Cognitiv’s growth (28:30)


Jana Jakovljevic featured on AdWeek

Rubicon Project / Magnite Inc.

Jeremy Fain CEO of Cognitiv

About the Guest:

“Jana started her career way back in 2003 while working for a record label in Australia. Realizing her passion was more digital media rather than music she moved to London in 2005 and began her humble digital media career as a campaign trafficker for one of the largest social networking sites. In 2009 she worked at Magnite where she was employee number 3 in Europe. She oversaw the international demand team and played a foundational role in Magnite’s journey from start-up to IPO. In 2015 she moved to NYC to oversee the launch of programmatic solutions at Spotify. She joined Cognitiv in 2018 and leads the Client Success team as well as sources and manages the vendor and data partnerships.”


Episode 391