How Elemental TV is Pioneering the Next Generation of CTV Ad Innovation with Omer Latif, CEO at ElementalTV

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“[Our goal is] to unlock the space for smaller advertisers, and that’s where our ad personalization technology comes in is how to make it available to the masses”

Key Insights

 Less Time Can Mean More Work

In today’s work at home environment, your team can actually be less distracted. They aren’t recovering from their commute, chatting with coworkers as they get coffee, constantly being bugged by the person working next to them. 

As a result, they can get more done in a day. Instead of trying to pile more onto them, reward them. Working 9-3 instead of 9-5 can result in people being more productive during their actual working hours, and in exchange they get more time with their families and hobbies. 

If You Don’t Split a Dollar 6 Ways, You Haven’t Done Your Job

Let’s say you have a dollar to split between six people in a team. Of course, if you were to just pick purely performance as a metric, you allocated a disproportionate amount of a dollar to that individual. You have to look at everything and it comes down to how you develop the team, how you nurtured the team and you cultivate the sense of unity amongst the team. 

About the Guest:

Omer Latif is the Co-founder and CEO of ElementalTV, the leading CTV advertising technology company that is first to power the next generation of ad break experiences through its proprietary ELM technology and vertical ad formatting. ElementalTV also provides a range of solutions to CTV stakeholders, including unique programmatic advertising via  AI-based contextual targeting and use of its proprietary SmartFrame technology to create the ultimate customized viewer experience. 

Omer is a natural-born problem solver that has been pioneering media monetization efforts in the rapidly unfolding digital space since 2009. He began his career in investment banking at Citibank before starting his own digital monetization company, BPO solutions, in 2009. He was an early adapter to SEO, mobile app, smart shopping and newsletter monetization. As those spaces became crowded, Omer then evolved with the changing markets to become an early adopter in the video and streaming service monetization space. Omer founded Audience Media TV which eventually led him to joining forces with Adoppler to create ElementalTV in 2021. Omer contributes to the success of ElementalTV by bringing his extensive OTT expertise to the team.

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